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Sale Indipendent house a Montebello di Bertona

Montebello Di Bertona indipendent house to sale

€ 180.000,00
10 rooms
3 bath
Sale Apartment a Pescara

Pescara apartment to sale

€ 215.000,00
6 rooms
2 bath
Sale Entire building a Popoli

Popoli entire building to sale

€ 198.000,00
20 rooms
6 bath
Sale Penthouse a Chieti

Chieti penthouse to sale

€ 135.000,00
6 rooms
2 bath
Sale Indipendent house a Chieti

Chieti indipendent house to sale

€ 48.000,00
2 rooms
1 bath
Sale Apartment a Chieti

Chieti apartment to sale

€ 85.000,00
2 rooms
1 bath
Sale Apartment a Chieti

Chieti apartment to sale

€ 97.000,00  tr.
3 rooms
1 bath
Sale Four family house a Manoppello

Manoppello four family house to sale

€ 198.000,00
7 rooms
2 bath

The largest showcase of real estate proposed for sale in central Italy.

If you are considering buying property in Italy and you are looking for somewhere really Italian, truly unspoiled and where you will find good value for your money, then you need to look no further than the heart of Italy, the green region of Italy known as Abruzzo and neighbouring regions.

On our website you will find a selection of the best properties proposed for sale by the numerous Agencies adhering to the TopRE gnetwork. Thanks to the strict disciplinary and rules of TopRE they can only advertise properties previously subjected to all technical, fiscal and legal checks aimed to verify the merchantability of the real estate proposed for sale which, in any case, can only be advertised with regular entrusts of the owners.

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